Selection and admission

All applications are reviewed and evaluated by the admission committee based on scientific competence, personal motivation, letters of recommendation, and suitability for the programme. Incomplete applications or applications received by email or regular mail will not be considered.

Based on the evaluation by the admission committee, applicants will be shortlisted for online interviews. Upon performance at these remote interviews applicants will be nominated and invited for on-site interviews / selection symposium in Marburg. Travel expenses for the on-site interviews will be covered by the IMPRS-µLife.

Interviews & Selection Symposium

Personal on-site interviews are scheduled for April each year as a part of a selection symposium. During this three-day symposium, applicants present a research project that they conducted as part of their academic training and faculty members give an overview on available PhD projects in their groups. Applicants have the opportunity to meet current IMPRS students to learn more about their research and their experiences with the IMPRS-µLife programme. Finally, applicants will have the opportunity to interview with selected IMPRS faculty members of their interest.

Following the selection symposium, the admissions committee will select successful applicants based on the judgment of all IMPRS faculty members regarding the applicant's performance during the selection symposium. Applicants will be notified within one week after the symposium about the outcome of the selection.

The IMPRS teaching programme starts in October each year, but upon agreement with the respective supervisor students who have been accepted into the programme may decide to start their research project earlier.

PhD applications 2023

Our online application period is currently open. Click here to reach the application page.